Steve Whitfield - producing, guitar (The Sick World of Yona)
Luc St. Pierre - composing, keyboards, guitar, programming, producing (The Sick World of Yona)
Wayne Hussey/The Mission - gear, studio (Swirlsound Studio - Bristol, England)
Tonya and Mike Anderer - support (The Sick World of Yona)
Massive Attack - gear
Tim Rideout - drums, percussion (The Sick World of Yona)
Christina Dupre - guitar (live)
Cecil Doo Kingue - guitar (The Sick World of Yona, live)
Eric Willis - guitar, composing, programming, producing (Chimeres, Bright)
David Tonge - photography
Patti Walker - video editing, web design, photography, administration
Annie Corriveau - web design
Grigor Kuzmanov - artwork (The Sick World of Yona)
Yona Pelovska - film footage, video editing, body snatching
Mike Ventarola - PR (Hidden Sanctuary)
Monia Grieco - styling
Alina Tringova - makeup, hair
Peter Balov - sound (live)
Buzz Lovaghy - photography
Alain Robert - photography
Daniel Benoit - Salon Pure
Adam Rolland - drums (live)