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Bright (2005) LP/Album, 11 tracks, 51:36m.

US$9.95 (CD only) + S&H = US$13.90

Chimeres (2002) LP/Album, 12 tracks 57:48m.

US$8.95 (CD only) + S&H = US$12.90

The Sick World Of Yona (1998) LP/Album, 13 tracks, 60:13m.

US$9.95 (CD only) + S&H = US$13.90

Never Feed The Alligators (2000) SP, 4 tracks, 19:38m.

US$4.95 (CD only) + S&H = US$8.90

Utah (2001) SP, 4 tracks, 19:38m.

US$4.95 (CD only) + S&H = US$8.90

The Sick World Of Yona
Never Feed The Alligators
Love's Got Heart

Love's Got Heart (2004) SP, 4 tracks, 16:01m.

US$4.95 (CD only) + S&H = US$8.90

God's Children

God's Children (2007) SP, 6 tracks, 24.05m.

US$6.95 (CD only) + S&H = US$10.90

CHIWAWA's discography is available on Audio CD format and downloads (MP3, ACC) ONLY. We encourage you to visit BandCamp or BandBox for best prices and highest quality downloads.

We do not offer vinyl or cassette.

Downloads - as low as $1.49 per album. See bottom of page - BandCamp and BandBox
Hard Copy CDs
Bus Stop Chinese Buffet

Bus Stop Chinese Buffet (2009) LP/Album, 17 tracks, 66:26m.

US$12.95 (CD only) + S&H = US$16.90

Always About You

Always About You (2007) Remixes, 5 tracks, 26:51m.

US$7.95 (CD only) + S&H = US$11.90

B-Bits (2003) B-Sides, 9 tracks, 47:13m.

US$5.95 (CD only) + S&H = US$9.90

Spare Change

Spare Change (2008) Soundtrack, 4 tracks, 13:50m.

US$3.95 (CD only) + S&H = US$7.90

Chiwawa on BandCamp

Watermark (2010) LP/Album, 14 tracks, 62:36m.

US11.95 (CD only) +S&H = US$15.90

All CDs are custom made and signed. The purchase of a CD grants a free download of the album as well.
Chiwawa - Extract

Extract (The Singles 1997-2010) LP/Album, 15 tracks, 66:38m.

US10.95 (CD only) +S&H = US$14.90

Chiwawa - Element

Element (2011) LP/Album, 12 tracks, 50:35m.

US11.95 (CD only) +S&H = US$15.90

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